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Through the transfer of force produced by the combustion of fuel in the upper crest, piston, as engine’s heart, moves the connecting rod and then the crankshaft. Resistance against extreme heat in combustion chamber and also against the abrasion resulting from continuous and fast movement of piston in cylinder makes the design and production of this part so important that it requires advanced technological knowledge and technology. Factors including closed tolerance, crest geometrical shape, pin hole and piston body (Ovality) as well as machining accuracy (in micron) requires provision of special machinery, moulds, equipments and skilled workforce. This has been made possible by broad investment in IPMCo.

Piston sample of engines: XUM, DSC14.13 E2, DSC14.15 E2 ...
Piston sample of engines: TU5+, EF4 ...
Piston sample of engines: OM457, ISUZU NPR, ISUZU NKR, ...
Piston sample of engines: OM521, MAN DSC14.13 ,14.15 E2 ...
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