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Iran Piston Manufacturing Company is the eldest and also authoritative producer of different kinds of pistons and pins in Iran having a superior position and ranking in automotive industry too.

The present Company has acquired and settled Standards Requirements such as ISO 45001:2018 , ISO 14001:2015 , IATF 16949:2016 , ISO 9001:2015 and also legal requirements, regulations and special requirements of Automotive Industry Customers in order to promoting of products quality and the more satisfying its own customers and beneficiaries. 
- We commit ourselves to observe the all provisions and legal requirements and obligations of the country (Safety, Health Security and Environment, …) and contractual requirements and guaranties of our customers too.
- We always suppose environment preservation as a valuable issue and we care and consider it at all our daily activities.
- We manage our company activities in a manner that do not threat health and safety of the personnel and employees and also the other society people and for this purpose we have defined and executed the behavior codes and ethics charts such as discipline, security , honor , honesty, environment preservation and secure workplace. 

According to above mentioned items and emphasis on knowledge and skills of organization personnel and developing knowledge level of the organization and available technology, I announce the following items as headlines of the policy:
-Considering the satisfaction of organization beneficiaries such as customers and their stable and equal satisfaction.
-Having continuous improvement in domains such as safety, environmental health security and quality (improvement in order to acquiring into more desirable and zero waste products).
-value to human worthiness of the employees as more valuable investment of the organization and remark their needs and realization the quality, safety, health security and environmental goals relying on developing organizational culture, continuous training and  
- Decreasing costs and increasing the efficiency at the all company level of activities in order to obtain desired efficiency in all processes. 
-Decreasing safety and health security risks. 
- Preventing environmental pollution with identifying environmental features and observing life cycle, controlling and decreasing related outcomes.
Organization policy has been defined appropriated with organization business plan and regarding to process approach, so that it would be a framework for defining goals and it would be conducted through all organization levels, so the needed substructures has provided for this purpose and for getting confidence of employees trusty performance, and ensured from employees behavior proportionality with organization regulation, so that prevented any kind of unmoral behavior, unpleasant behavior and or secrecy organization problems. The all company employees are protected about these issues.
I, in addition to personal commitment for observing the above mentioned values and goals, expect all organization employees and managers to move towards effectiveness of organization management system with cooperation, sympathy and consultation and also be expected that they could accelerated achieving defined goals and continuous improvement of processes. 

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