Quality Policy

Iran Piston Manufacturing Company is a leady and also trusty producer of different kinds of pistons and pins in Iran country and it has a superior position in automobile industry too.
We suppose environment preservation as a valuable issue and we care it at all our activities.
We commit ourselves to observe the all provisions and legal (law) obligations of the country and also contractual requirements and guaranties of our customers.
We manage our company activities in a manner that they do not threat health and safety of the personnel and employees and also the other society people.
Iran Piston Manufacturing Company’s management board declares its own policy according to above mentioned view points and insisting to skill and knowledge level of its experienced personnel and premier technologies of the products and promoting this level relying on modern science and technology as following:
Providing systematic, dynamic, eminent, disciplinary and creative company.
Designing producing and presenting different kinds of products with high quality in domestic and global markets with the goal of balanced and stable satisfaction of customers and the all company beneficiaries.
Shortening key processes of the company.
Decreasing costs and increasing efficiency at the all company activities.
This policy has been adapted according to company business plan and regarding to defined processes, is a framework to determine goals and it has been conveyed at the all company levels. Management board in order to assure of above mentioned items realization, supervises administration of needed systems according to executive models of standards such as OHSAS 18001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 and specific requirements of customers, informs supreme company levels to achieving defined goals and needed resources to access them with cyclic reports from different process operation by full authorities.

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