Company History


• Factory built through joint investment and technical knowledge of Mahle in Tabriz, Iran

• IPMCo launched as the first piston manufacturer in Iran

• Supplied Iran Khodro and produced Peykan pistons  
• Supplied Idem and manufactured diesel piston for Benz engines

• Completed unfinished projects and achieved nominal production capacity

• Privatization and formation of company’s production and business development projects

• R&D Department established
• Production capacity increased to 800 thousand gasoline pistons and 200 thousand diesel pistons 
• Diversity of product increased from 5 to 10 types

• Tool making workshop expanded and mould making technology achieved

• production capacity increased to 2 million units annually
• Kia Pride piston produced and Mega Motor Company supplied (SAIPA)

• Piston Pin manufacturing factory (diesel & petrol) launched with an annual capacity of 5 million units

• 3 new CNC automated production lines from Germany installed and production capacity increased to 5 million units annually.

• Automatic systems for final control utilized

• Coating machinery using Silkscreen method and Ultrasonic machineries launched
• Lighter and state-of-the-art design pin and piston for more engine power and acceleration manufactured
• Lighter Peykan piston with new design (without struts) produced deceasing fuel consumption by 20%
• Super alloy with Titanium, Zirconium, Vanadium to decrease abrasion and increase piston life span used

• Variety of gas, gasoline, and diesel pistons with Euro 2 standards manufactured
• 150 mm diameter piston for all kinds of locomotive and ship diesel engines produced

• The modification of production technology for diesel type piston pin with gold extrude method .
• Activation of connecting rod and piston assembly for gasoline type automobile.
• Installation and activation of new lines in order to produce advanced pistons such as Peugeot 206.

• Completion of national engine project and taking action to design and fabricate piston for similar engine with gas oil fuel.
• Participation in MEGA MOTOR(S81) national project in field of designing and fabricating pistons, piston pins and ring of this engine.
• Participation of pistons: Volvo N12, f12-Howo.
• Receiving letter of commendation and statue of distinguished protector of the environment in east Azerbaijan.

• Addition of grinding line to the piston pin unit and increase of production capacity to 7.5 million piston pin per year.
• Purchase, installation and activation of two gasoline pistons production line, one new diesel line and set target for archiving production of ten million pistons per year.
• Fabrication and activation of eight (8) new casting units for provision of raw piston production lines.
• Production of eight (8) new piston type toward completing company’s basket of products.

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  Factory: West Industrial zone, Diesel Abad, Tabriz, Iran, Zip Code:5197713737
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