For more than 40 years, IPMCo products have been the symbol of industrial and technological development in Iran automotive-parts industry. By the same token, the company has been the main supplier of piston for Iran automotive industry by generating virtues like creativity, entrepreneurship, commitment to a customer-oriented approach and philanthropy as well as attempting to reach the highest efficiency level. Sustained development and success in enhancement of both process and product have been the corollary of collaboration and constructive interaction between IPMCo beneficiaries and customers, ensuing the market leadership of the company in Iran OEM and AM. Now perceiving globalization, IPMCo strategy is to maintain knowledge-oriented empowerment and market leadership, stepping into global cycle of piston supply, and introducing feasible measures for future car engines in Iran and the whole world, likewise.

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  Factory: West Industrial zone, Diesel Abad, Tabriz, Iran, Zip Code:5197713737
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