No restrictions could be deemed for accountability for the environment. Prudence towards this issue is an integral part of IPMCo policies and philosophy in supply and product. We believe that production process must guarantee human and environment wellbeing and safety at present and future. To achieve the aforementioned, the following strides have been taken:

• Building advanced refineries to decontaminate environment contaminating sewage 
• Implementing ISO 14001 environmental management system
• Participating  in reducing car-fuel consumption and air pollution by designing new products
• Purchasing, utilizing, and maintaining machinery and raw materials in a condition which secures minimum risk and hazard in personnel workplace and the environment. 
• Informing and educating personnel, on a regular basis, to provide safety and diminish damages to the environment, resulting from their activities, in all company levels.
• Eliminating production defects and planning to prevent  accidents.

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