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About IPMCo

Company name: Iran Piston Manufacturing Company (PJS)

Brand: IPMCo

Location: Tabriz, Eastern Azerbaijan Province (North west of Iran)

Head Office: No. 77, Sepehr St., Derakhti St., Dadman St., Shahrak Qods, Tehran, Iran

Products: Pistons & Piston pins for petrol & diesel engines

Year established: 1973

Area: 80000 Sqm

Roofed space: 24000 Sqm

Employees: 550

Production capacity: 7 million pistons & 7 million pins annually

Ownership: Private Sector – Ezam Automotive Parts Group (PJS)

Company History

• Factory built through joint investment and technical knowledge of Mahle in Tabriz, Iran

• IPMCo launched as the first piston manufacturer in Iran

• Supplied Iran Khodro and produced Peykan pistons  
• Supplied Idem and manufactured diesel piston for Benz engines

• Completed unfinished projects and achieved nominal production capacity

• Privatization and formation of company’s production and business development projects

• R&D Department established
• Production capacity increased to 800 thousand gasoline pistons and 200 thousand diesel pistons 
• Diversity of product increased from 5 to 10 types

• Tool making workshop expanded and mould making technology achieved

• production capacity increased to 2 million units annually
• Kia Pride piston produced and Mega Motor Company supplied (SAIPA)

• Piston Pin manufacturing factory (diesel & petrol) launched with an annual capacity of 5 million units

• 3 new CNC automated production lines from Germany installed and production capacity increased to 5 million units annually.

• Automatic systems for final control utilized

• Coating machinery using Silkscreen method and Ultrasonic machineries launched
• Lighter and state-of-the-art design pin and piston for more engine power and acceleration manufactured
• Lighter Peykan piston with new design (without struts) produced deceasing fuel consumption by 20%
• Super alloy with Titanium, Zirconium, Vanadium to decrease abrasion and increase piston life span used

• Variety of gas, gasoline, and diesel pistons with Euro 2 standards manufactured
• 150 mm diameter piston for all kinds of locomotive and ship diesel engines produced

• The modification of production technology for diesel type piston pin with gold extrude method .
• Activation of connecting rod and piston assembly for gasoline type automobile.
• Installation and activation of new lines in order to produce advanced pistons such as Peugeot 206.

• Completion of national engine project and taking action to design and fabricate piston for similar engine with gas oil fuel.
• Participation in MEGA MOTOR(S81) national project in field of designing and fabricating pistons, piston pins and ring of this engine.
• Participation of pistons: Volvo N12, f12-Howo.
• Receiving letter of commendation and statue of distinguished protector of the environment in east Azerbaijan.

• Addition of grinding line to the piston pin unit and increase of production capacity to 7.5 million piston pin per year.
• Purchase, installation and activation of two gasoline pistons production line, one new diesel line and set target for archiving production of ten million pistons per year.
• Fabrication and activation of eight (8) new casting units for provision of raw piston production lines.
• Production of eight (8) new piston type toward completing company’s basket of products.

•Installing pre melting furnace in casting workshop with capacity of 10 ton per a shift
•Purchasing and operating PARTFOMER machine in piston pin work shop that increase the capacity of net piston pin production to over than 10 million.
•Activation of con rod producing line that can produce different con rods like XU7-TU5-EF7-OHV-PK2-TU3 …
•Installing and activation of XU7 tappet producing line with capacity of 1000000



For more than 40 years, IPMCo products have been the symbol of industrial and technological development in Iran automotive-parts industry. By the same token, the company has been the main supplier of piston for Iran automotive industry by generating virtues like creativity, entrepreneurship, commitment to a customer-oriented approach and philanthropy as well as attempting to reach the highest efficiency level. Sustained development and success in enhancement of both process and product have been the corollary of collaboration and constructive interaction between IPMCo beneficiaries and customers, ensuing the market leadership of the company in Iran OEM and AM. Now perceiving globalization, IPMCo strategy is to maintain knowledge-oriented empowerment and market leadership, stepping into global cycle of piston supply, and introducing feasible measures for future car engines in Iran and the whole world, likewise.


Observing the following as IPMCo’s ethical standards guarantees success, welfare and development of the organization’s stakeholders:

• Providing equal job opportunities
• Not labouring workers and children
• Providing equal and healthy employment conditions for males and females
• Ensuring a safe and clean workplace and providing personnel with mental and physical health 
• Protecting organization’s mental capital
• Ensuring personnel collaboration in team work
• Providing descent and fair business, competition and advertisement
• Transparency in information
• Denouncing corruption, squandering, and nonstandard profit
• Respecting human rights
• Respecting religious beliefs
• Respecting trade unions


No restrictions could be deemed for accountability for the environment. Prudence towards this issue is an integral part of IPMCo policies and philosophy in supply and product. We believe that production process must guarantee human and environment wellbeing and safety at present and future. To achieve the aforementioned, the following strides have been taken:
• Building advanced refineries to decontaminate environment contaminating sewage 
• Implementing ISO 14001 environmental management system
• Participating  in reducing car-fuel consumption and air pollution by designing new products
• Purchasing, utilizing, and maintaining machinery and raw materials in a condition which secures minimum risk and hazard in personnel workplace and the environment. 
• Informing and educating personnel, on a regular basis, to provide safety and diminish damages to the environment, resulting from their activities, in all company levels.
• Eliminating production defects and planning to prevent  accidents

Human Resource

IPMCo Human Resource strategy is to recruit the most talented and create a safe, secure and stable workplace to support and promote the company objectives and ongoing development. Disseminating accountability, vocational training, and farsighted management towards successor training, directing skills and contributing to values have all led to a challenging and dynamic milieu between the management and personnel. Accordingly, Iran Piston Manufacturing Company (IPMCo) has designated safety management and professional health system based on executive pattern of OHSAS 18001. This has been to create a dynamic and efficient environment while minimizing operational risk.
At this time, 550 people, with the average age of 35, are working at management, expert, and personnel levels in IPMCo.

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